Our postpartum affiliated doulas…

…provide a nurturing presence and non-judgmental support designed to ease your transition from pregnancy to new parenthood. Our affiliated doulas offer a range of supportive services including breastfeeding support, advice for newborn care, meal preparation, errand running and light household tasks. At times, the role of the doula may be as simple as holding your baby while you shower or listening as you share your experiences of new motherhood.

In contrast to a baby nurse who cares solely for the newborn, the postpartum doula is a nurturing presence for the whole family, and supports the mother as she cares for her baby. She instills confidence in new parents as they tune in to their baby’s cues and discover their own unique parenting style.

Our post-partum affiliated doulas can work side by side your mother, mother-in-law, sister, or anyone else who is there to offer support OR she can come when your family is no longer there to offer you support.  Sometimes women find that family are great for loving and holding the babies and a post-partum doula is great for loving and holding YOU!

Typically, postpartum care is in 4 hour blocks of time at varying points throughout the morning, afternoon, and/or evening.

Rates for postpartum doula care:

BirthFocus contracts with doulas to offer rates based on a doula’s experience and training. All of our affiliated doulas are trained via DONA and/or DTI and many of them are either certified or working towards their certification.

Postpartum Doula Care

$45/hour (minimum package of 16 hours = $720) 

$40/hour for packages after first 16 hours ($640)

 First Nights: Overnight Postpartum Doula Care

$475 flat rate for the first 8-hour overnight care session in your home during postpartum recovery period

($425 flat rate for all overnight services after initial night)

 Package Options

16 hours –24 hours -32 hours – 40 hours – Overnight

Our postpartum doula services are sold in packages of a minimum of sixteen (16) hours with additional time at 4 hours per block.  If you’d like to hire a doula for less hours, please contact us so we can discuss your individual circumstances. 

Meet our affiliated doulas

We offer two ways for connecting with our affiliated doulas; either by attending one of our regular complimentary “Meet the Doula” events at various locations throughout NYC OR through a private and complimentary meet and greet in a mutually convenient location.  Visit our calendar of events to find information about our next “Meet the Doula” open house or contact us to make arrangements for a private meet and greet.

Hiring a postpartum affiliated doula

Once you’ve had an initial in-person meeting with one of our affiliated doulas (or a few) – either through a private meet and greet OR at one of our “Meet the Doula” complimentary open houses – we invite you to choose the postpartum doula who is right for you.

If you’ve given birth recently and/or are limited with time for meeting people and would like us to pair you with a postpartum doula who is available immediately, please contact us via phone and/or email.

The next step is to fill out the Postpartum Doula Care Agreement and pay in full via PayPal ($720 for 16 hours of care or flat rate for First Nights service).  Once we receive this, we will be in touch via a confirmation of services email and your doula will be in touch to schedule your first visit.