Located conveniently next to Penn Station and Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan, Corinne Kohrherr, LAc and Herbalist , at Akoya Acupuncture, specializes in muscle injuries, pain conditions, infertility, pediatrics and the promotion of healthy pregnancies.  Corinne is currently an Acupuncture Fellow at Beth Israel Medical Center.  Corinne combines her skills as a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist, DONA certified Childbirth Doula and Licensed Massage Therapist (NJ and PA) to create individualized treatments for your childbearing year.

Corinne began her doula career with BirthFocus and we are happy to recommend her services!


Orignially from NYC, Jeffrey Wolfe, M.S., L.Ac., has just returned from Colorado where he lived and practiced acupuncture, massage, and healing arts for several years.  Jeffrey provides in-home treatment for women seeking to alleviate typical pregnancy complaints, induce labor, and/or find relaxation in their pregnant or postpartum selves.  Jeffrey will also attend to immediate needs of women in labor either in the home or hospital setting. – 646.737.4722


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