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kind words for keiko niccolini

“We cannot sing Keiko’s praises enough! We simply could not have done it without her. All births that she attends will be lucky to have her personality, skill set, and emotional and physical support.” – Shannon, 7/26/2012

Kind words for Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach

Kind words for Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach

“I SO enjoyed our postpartum visit, Elizabeth.  It was wonderful to recount all the events of the day with laughter and more insight. I feel deeply that your presence in the labor room buoyed me through the pain and discomfort.  You helped me tap into my strength and the doubt I felt when I first […]

kind words for Edna Sperduto

“Edna was great the entire time we were in touch with her; from the first visits, to us laboring at our apartment during Saturday the 4th, and as we went to hospital that night. She was lovely and caring, and with my husband helped create a safe and intimate environment for me to labor in. Thank […]

kind words on Vivian Lord

“I am so happy Vivian was a part of my birth. With her support and encouragement I was able to have the birth experience I wanted. She was a great resource of information both before and after my birth; she was always available to respond to my questions or concerns. She was also a great […]

Kind words for Martina Szarek

“We were so fortunate to have Martina as our birth doula. She has such an amazing energy and touch that helped us stay calm, confident and focused throughout the entire experience. From early labor through delivery, Martina was there for us every step of the way. I’ll never forget after 27 hours of labor, she was […]

Kind words for Rachel Rachlin

“Truthfully, had my doctors not insisted I hire a doula I probably would not have. Lucky for me I followed their advice and found Rachel who made a tremendous difference in my birth experience. From our first meeting to our final post-partum one Rachel brought a soft confidence to our every encounter.  She was expert […]

Kind words for Rachel Rachlin

I wanted to try to have a natural birth with little or no interventions but when the pain became too intense for me I opted for an epidural. Rachel made me feel comfortable and supported my decision, which really made me feel comfortable with what was going on. She supported me both mentally and physically […]

Crucial part of the birth process

“Our Doula was an incredibly important part of the birth of our child. She helped keep me calm and focused, she anticipated my every need, and her mothering touch got me through the most difficult contractions. I can’t imagine having gone through labor without her.”

Kind words about Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach:

“Having Elizabeth assisting at our baby’s birth was the best decision we could have made.  I truly don’t know what we would’ve done without her.  Her experience and knowledge in the process gave us the strength to do it our way.  We are grateful beyond measure.” Karyn M, new mother

Kind words about our “Eat, Drink, DOULA” events:

“I was at the midwife today and saw another woman from the meeting who also hired someone and was very happy with the process as we are. I had never had a speed-dating experience before. It really is a clever way to meet several doulas.” 1st time Bklyn mama “We loved the open house. I […]