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Anna Tran — Tier 3

Anna Tran -- Tier 3

Anna is a DONA-trained birth doula who discovered her passion for childbirth through the birth of her first child. She decided to become a doula after becoming empowered through taking the Bradley Method courses and enduring a long, complicated labor. In 2013, Anna was able to train with the amazing Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Since her training, […]

Carmen Siragna – Tier 4

Carmen Siragna - Tier 4

**CARMEN IS ON MEDICAL LEAVE AND WILL RETURN FOR DUE DATES OF AUGUST 1, 2014 AND BEYOND. SHE WILL BE AVAIL. FOR POSTPARTUM CLIENTS BEGINNING IN JULY, 2014** Ever since giving birth to her son, Leonardo, Carmen has felt an overwhelming desire to help women, their partners and their babies, have a beautiful and blissful […]

Edna Sperduto – Tier 3 and Placenta Encapsulator

Edna Sperduto - Tier 3 and Placenta Encapsulator

After a long and prosperous journey in the health care industry, working in oncology and cancer research, Edna has decided to make her life about new beginnings. She felt she needed to move forward and focus instead on the positivity of creating new life for women and families. Edna has completed the DONA International birth training, postpartum training, […]

Esdras Santana – Tier 6

Esdras Santana

Esdras has been with BirthFocus since it’s very beginning in 2001.She enjoys working closely with new and expectant parents and is committed to supporting them through the birth and parenting process. She believes every new family is unique and has different needs. Esdras provides post-partum doula care, prides herself on her expertise with lactation support […]

Fanny Oehl – Tier 3

Fanny Oehl - Tier 3

Being the youngest of four girls, Fanny was always around women. The influences of her sisters and mother gave her a strong sense of feminine identity. In high school, she put together a group that addressed issues around sexual health and reproductive rights awareness. The success that the club received allowed her to go onto […]

Jill Businelle – Tier 2

Jill Businelle - Tier 2

Every birth marks a new beginning for many elements of life, and Jill desires to honor, empower and celebrate each family’s journey. From pregnancy to parenting the information and techniques can be overwhelming, and Jill helps families curate an informed experience that is based in joy and works to eliminate fear. She desires for families […]

Jill Vogel – Tier 1

Jill Vogel - Tier 1

Jill believes that birth is an important rite of passage for women and their partners, and that it should be honored and respected.  She desires to help women inhabit their bodies so that they can find their own rhythms and power as they make the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Jill first felt the indescribable […]

Jillian Buckley – Tier 2

Jillian Buckley - Tier 2

After 10 years of caring for infants, teaching, and working as a public education advocate Jillian became a labor doula after completing a DONA training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in August of 2012. With an eye towards becoming a midwife, Jillian has also attended births as a midwife’s assistant-in-training at the Brooklyn Birthing Center. This experience […]

Kat Raynor – Tier 4

Kat Raynor

Kat Raynor – Inspired by the power of having a natural birth with her two children, Kat trained with Celeste Rachel and is currently pursuing her Dona-Certification to share her insight with other women. She grew up in the loving and cheerful chaos of a large, close-knit Irish-American family in Brooklyn. In and out of […]

Kate Leddington – Tier 5

Kate Leddington - Tier 5

Katharine has been working as a Doula in New York City and Brooklyn since 2008. A certified Kripalu Yoga, The Khalsa Way Pregnancy, and Baby & Me Yoga (Post-Partum) instructor, Katharine most recently taught classes at Realbirth, where she also coordinated Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care classes for clients. In addition, Katharine completed the […]

Kesha King – Tier 3

Kesha King - Tier 3

Kesha King is a Certified Lactation Counselor, Labor Doula, Certified Breast Feeding Educator, a Certified Full Circle Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and a proud wonderful mom to a 4 year old preschooler. Kesha is also a chaplain in her church, and teaches Sunday school. Kesha has 16 years of experience as a birth worker, and […]

Lenni Marcus – Tier 1

Lenni Marcus - Tier 1

Lenni is a DONA trained birth doula seeking to complete her certification.  While she has always been fascinated with childbirth, she wanted to become an advocate to women in labor after taking a sociology course on reproduction in America.  She began to view birth as a woman’s right of passage rather than simply a means […]

Maya Kite – Tier 2

Maya Kite  - Tier 2

Maya Kite is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula trained by Deborah Pascali-Bonaro and Ann Grauer respectively. Maya has always loved children and been passionate about the care of women.  In high school Maya was torn between becoming a midwife and a dancer.  Although she chose to become a dancer, her love of children […]

Meredith Coronato — Tier 3

Meredith Coronato -- Tier 3

Meredith’s involvement in the birthing community began once she realized that her compassion for people, fascination of the human body, and passion for human rights could serve women and families at a deeply impactful time in their lives.  Meredith grew up in a household full of resourceful, independent, vocal women, and as the third of […]

Myla Flores – Tier 5

Myla Flores - Tier 5

Myla Flores is a DONA certified birth doula who began attending births as a homebirth midwife’s assistant in 2007. She received her DONA professional doula training in 2010, and has since become richly experienced in many settings beyond local homebirths – birth center births, hospital births, and births in other countries. Serving more than 35 […]

Nicole Nummelin-Primoff — Tier 2

Nicole Nummelin-Primoff -- Tier 2

**AVAILABLE FOR DUE DATES THROUGH JULY 15, 2014** Originally from Vermont, Nicole now lives in Brooklyn, NY. When she isn’t working with birthing mothers, Nicole is a policy researcher at Doctors Without Borders. Her interest in supporting women through birth started with a passion for women’s health and advocacy. She will soon be receiving her […]

Nilmarie Black – Tier 3

Nilmarie Black - Tier 3

Nilma Black Is a Health Coach, Holistic Prenatal – Postnatal Counselor and a Certified Doula. She is the mother two little angels who helped her discover her true soul and purpose. Her eyes and heart were opened though the experience of pregnancy and two unforgettable home births. Through this Nilmarie learned that the beginning of […]

rachel lieber – tier 4

rachel lieber - tier 4

As a mother of two, Rachel understands what a delicate and powerful transformation childbirth is. When her best friend became pregnant she wanted to be there at the birth to support her, and so began her journey as a doula. Rachel is at her best when looking out for people and seeing them through challenging […]

Renee Fiorentino – Tier 2

Renee Fiorentino - Tier 2

Renée is a DONA-trained doula working towards certification. She is a student midwife in her second semester at SUNY Downstate’s Advanced Certificate program with 15+ years of experience working in public health. Renée is committed to partnering with women, their families and care providers to navigate pregnancy and birth as normal life events, planning for […]

Robyn Lazara – Tier 3

Robyn Lazara - Tier 3

**ON MEDICAL LEAVE – AVAIL. FOR SEPT 2014 DUE DATES AND BEYOND** Robyn Lazara is a DONA-trained labor support and postpartum doula, as well as Certified Lactation Counselor.  Robyn found the doula path after the birth of her son, which was deeply transformative for her.  Having had a wonderful labor support doula, it clicked within […]

Sara Dick – NYC Director and Tier 6 Doula

Sara Dick

Sara has had a passion for birth and babies for as long as she can remember. She always knew her calling was to “birth” babies, her own and others. She attended her first birth in 1993 and it confirmed to her, this is what she was made to do. After personally dealing with infertility and […]

Yiska Obadia – Tier 4

Yiska Obadia - Tier 4

Yiska Obadia is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist & birth doula working in NYC with 16 years of collective experience. Passionate about both supporting & empowering her clients, Yiska has a unique integrated approach to treatment & birth care. She also leads journeydance workshops & transformational retreats that support people in having the self-expression, leadership, […]