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Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

To celebrate my first Mother’s Day I’d like to share the story of the birth of my daughter – Cora Claire Elizabeth – who will be ONE year old in six days on May 17!! I am honored to be her mother and have learned so much about her and myself on this journey thus […]

Jill Businelle – Tier 3

Jill Businelle - Tier 3

Every birth marks a new beginning for many elements of life, and Jill desires to honor, empower and celebrate each family’s journey. From pregnancy to parenting the information and techniques can be overwhelming, and Jill helps families curate an informed experience that is based in joy and works to eliminate fear. She desires for families […]

Let the games begin… fun for YOU and YOUR baby!

Let the games begin... fun for YOU and YOUR baby!

WE are happy to support GoGo Babies and all they offer. Haven’t had your baby yet? Stop by one of their classes to check out what they do! An interactive, joyful class for bonding & attachment, community, & new parent support via body/mind sensory activities that stimulate and  support you and your baby’s whole Being […]

Soaking up the Delicousness…Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

Soaking up the Delicousness...Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my baby girl, Cora, now 11 weeks old. Her hands touching me, connecting with me, “protecting” her food as her daddy says.  She was only a few days old here and I could spend hours studying every ounce of her being.  Eleven weeks later, I sometimes move […]

What I did on my baby’s due date…

What I did on my baby's due date...

This is “the” day…right? We get the positive pregnancy test and begin the calculations, the calendars and red Sharpie’s come out, and we wait. And, we wait, and wait, and wait.  Fortunately, I happen to be cared for by a provider who has a LOT more patience than most and really trusts – as do […]

The gang’s all here…

The gang's all here...

A HUGE welcome to the new doulas of BirthFocus Austin!!!             Today was a SUPERB day! We just finished our second “eat, drink, DOULA” event in Austin and are thrilled to be connecting doulas  – both labor support and postpartum doulas – with expecting families of Austin! As the Executive […]

Springing forward…

Springing forward...

Sunday is Daylight Savings Time and we will all be “springing forward” together! BirthFocus is very happy to share all of the ways that we are “springing forward” with you. To begin, bellies are growing all around and my family and I are very excited to be starting our Spring off with the birth of […]

Birthing Warriors with Intention

Birthing Warriors with Intention

Happy new year! 2013 promises to be a year full of unpredictability, adventure, and sheer bliss for many of us! Certainly, if you’re planning to give birth this year (or are in your first year of parenting) these three things are pretty much a guarantee (and not necessarily in this order). As I put one […]

Filling the cup (or the bowl, in this case)

Filling the cup (or the bowl, in this case)

Since I can remember I have been scribbling, doodling, sketching…BOWLS. Overflowing bowls full of clementines, plants, nourishing food, or just spiraling joy or empty bowls when I feel especially depleted or overwhelmed with loneliness.  Over the years my bowl collection has become near and dear to me – some bowls purchased in other countries, some […]

Empowered Birth Awareness week begins!!

Empowered Birth Awareness week begins!!

BirthFocus DOULAS rocked it during the National Rally for Evidence Based Care in Obstetrics in Manhattan on Labor Day 2012! Please join us for another opportunity to CELEBRATE Empowered Birth Awareness Week this Saturday, September 8 at an “Intimate Conversation and Tea with Suzanne Arms” 10:30am-12noon Museum of Motherhood – NYC Pre-registration: $20-$35/person (sliding scale) […]