Why choose a BirthFocus affiliated doula?

Our affiliated doulas are professionals who offer agenda-free, personalized, and compassionate doula care! Each affiliated doula experiences on-going mentoring, allowing you access to the collective knowledge of our most experienced affiliated doulas and our Executive Director.   Each member of our team has been hand selected by our Executive Director to provide the highest quality of care to the women and families of Austin!

Your doula team is made up of a PRIMARY doula and a BACKUP doula of your choice! Throughout your pregnancy the primary doula learns bout your hopes and intentions for your birth and then relays everything to the backup doula.  A trust and bond is established between you and your doula team early on so that you receive the highest level of support possible during your birth and beyond.

Having a doula present at your birth can benefit you, your partner, and your baby in numerous ways including a shorter and more satisfying labor experience, decreased rates of interventions and cesarean sections, and more success with breastfeeding!  With our highly personalized approach we are sure you will be in good hands with one of our affiliated doulas.

Our package of labor support doula services includes the following:

  • Continuous Phone/email support from the date of hire
  • On-call services from 37 weeks until the time you give birth
  • Two prenatal visits, in your home, to discuss your hopes and expectations of your birthing experience and to help you create your own narrative for the birth experience of your choice
  • Continuous informational, emotional, and physical support from the time your labor begins until your baby is born. We highly encourage women to labor at home for as long as they’re comfortable and your doula team will be there to support you during this time!
  • Ongoing support for the first few hours after your baby is born to assist with the initial transition to parenting and breastfeeding
  • One to two postpartum visits during which the doula will come to your home to offer referrals, if needed, within a few days of your return home to the first two weeks postpartum
  • Each of our doulas receives ongoing mentoring from our Directors and regular continuing education! You will also have access to the expertise of our Executive Director should you ever need.

Rates for Doula Care:

BirthFocus contracts with doulas to offer rates based on a doula’s experience level and training. All of our affiliated doulas are trained via DONA and/or DTI and many of them are either certified or working towards their certification.  The price range for our affiliated doulas and their service is between $250-$1300.

To meet your perfect doula, attend one of our “Eat, Drink, DOULA” events or inquire about a free private meet and greet now!

Tier 1 (0-3 births) $250
Tier 2 (4-10 births) $500
Tier 3 (10-20 births) $700
Tier 4 (20-50 births) $900
Tier 5 (50+ births) $1100
Tier 6 (100+ births) $1300

How do I choose MY doula?

Choosing a doula is a lot like finding the right mate. – it’s as much about connection as it is about philosophy.  You’re looking for someone with whom you have good chemistry, who makes you laugh and feel at ease, and someone who brings out your confidence and reassures you that your choices are best for you and your baby.

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliated doulas are full of energy and enthusiasm about birth! They are eager to learn all about your needs and ready to put into practice what they’ve learned in their training.  Our Tier 3, 4, and 5 affiliated doulas have gained a greater sense of confidence with each birth and have a wide range of experiences from which to pull in a variety of situations and have become seasoned experts in our field.  Our Tier 6 doula, Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach who is also the Executive Director and Owner of BirthFocus, has attended 140+births, has been certified as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and has almost a decade of experience in working with pregnant women and families.  Each of our affiliated doulas brings a tremendous level of passion to their work and a belief that women can have the best birth experience of HER choice!

**To meet one of our doulas please register for our next “eat, drink, DOULA” event**

Hiring a doula:

Once you’ve had an initial in-person meeting with one of our doulas (or a few) – either through a private meet and greet OR at one of our “eat, drink, DOULA” complimentary open houses – we invite you to choose your primary and your backup doula (for one flat rate).  The next step is to complete the online Doula Agreement and make your deposit, or full payment, if you are at or beyond your 34th week.    Once we receive this, we will be in touch via a confirmation of services email and you may begin your prenatal visit/s with your doula!

Pay Your Remaining Balance:

Thank you for choosing a BirthFocus affiliated doula team and paying your balance in a timely manner. Once we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation email and you will be paid in full for doula care!


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“Birth isn’t something we suffer; but, something we actively do and exalt in!” – Sheila Kitzinger!!