Kathryn has been a labor support doula since 2010 and is certified through DONA International. She is on the educational path towards becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife and also works as a Birth/Midwife Assistant at the Brooklyn Birthing Center.  By supporting women and their partners through the process of birth–a process often portrayed as scary and difficult–Kathryn has seen that with the right support and knowledge, birthing is a process of empowerment and joy. Her calm demeanor, sense of humor, and background in mediation and conflict resolution go a long way in helping to facilitate communication and ease anxieties.  Overall Kathryn believes that a doula can call her role a success when a mom and her partner have felt supported, heard and cared for throughout the entire process of their birth. Although not HypnoBirthing certified, she follows many of the same methods and philosophies guided by the knowledge that when a woman releases her fears she is truly capable of anything. Whether a woman is planning on delivering in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, and no matter what course labor takes, Kathryn is proud to bear witness to this transformative and unforgettable event! Kathryn lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two cats, a garden and a cello.