Being the youngest of four girls, Fanny was always around women. The influences of her sisters and mother gave her a strong sense of feminine identity. In high school, she put together a group that addressed issues around sexual health and reproductive rights awareness. The success that the club received allowed her to go onto a trip to Cape Town, South Africa and work with kids her own age that were affected by HIV/AIDS. During this trip, she felt a strong connection to working to with women of her own age and she knew that she wanted to be part of a change that would make lives better, especially those that were preventable in their health. After this trip, she went off to college to pursue her passion for women’s health specifically focusing on their sexual health. She took time off from school and again travelled to Cape Town, South Africa to work in a community center that addressed how HIV/AIDS affected the community. Here, Fanny found in even stronger bond and calling when she was able to help out with the center’s income generation program. This program gave jobs to women in the community, but it also provided benefits that gave pregnant women ARV drugs so that they could give birth to their babies safely. Speaking to her friends at the center about their birth process, seeing their bond with their babies, really affected her and inspired a new chapter in her studies. When she came back to school she knew she wanted to focus on maternal healthcare because she strongly believed every woman should be able to have the right to a healthy, safe birth. Studying at Mount Holyoke College opened her up to the possibilities of work that could be done in the field of maternal healthcare. Her internship with Dr. Eden Fromberg was the first time she had heard of a Doula. Her work with Eden influenced her to take her work into another direction mixing her studies in women’s health with holistic modalities. When she went back to her last year of college, the idea of being a Doula was still stuck in her mind. Her last year’s work and focus was on how holistic modalities could be a way to heal the body. Since she had a strong yoga background, she knew what it had done for her in her life and was ready to take her practice one step further. Upon graduation, Fanny knew that she wanted to pursue both a career as a Doula and Yoga instructor, being able to mix her passion to work with women and improving their healthcare while healing them through yoga. Since then, she has worked with the Urban Zen Foundation which trains individuals in holistic modalities to work with individuals who are in need of healing. Fanny believes that integrative medicine can be both powerful and transforming. This work helped prepare her more for her role as both a Doula and Yoga instructor by being a facilitator of balance and unity. She is a 200hr- RYT with YogaWorks and is receiving her 300hr with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. Last Spring, she received her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and teaches Pre/Post Natal Yoga privately. This past summer she received her DONA training and is a level 1 Doula in training in the process of finishing her certification. She teaches pre and post natal yoga privately. She brings compassion, thoughtfulness, and patience to her work. She believes that every woman should be provided a safe and sacred space for her birth. When she is not Doula-ing, Fanny can be found getting a cup of joe at Jack’s, taking yoga class, spinning, putting together a recipe with her sister, checking out a new film, reading, and traveling to Virginia to see her new nephew!