After a long and prosperous journey in the health care industry, working in oncology and cancer research, Edna has decided to make her life about new beginnings. She felt she needed to move forward and focus instead on the positivity of creating new life for women and families. Edna has completed the DONA International birth training, postpartum training, and hypno birth training. She is a mother who has experienced the indescribable joy of giving birth, as well as the boundless growth associated with raising a mature young adult, someone she is proud to call her own. One of Edna’s primary goals is to form a personal bond with you, the birth mother, in order to better understand you and help you achieve your vision of your unique birth experience. Edna is determined to make both the birthing and postpartum process as empowering and memorable as possible for both you and your partner.

In college, Edna majored in psychology, which has helped her in her current role as an active
member in her community’s parent-teacher associations, as well as serving in the ongoing
improvement of her local parks and schools.

Edna has personally benefited from the philosophies of varying holistic approaches to medicine;
this has helped her evolve in her life’s work with an open mind and strong belief in one’s own
intimate sense of spirituality. Cooking is a strong passion of Edna’s, along with entertaining
and having festive dinner parties, reading fiction and educational material, and continuously
honing her craft. She brings her nurturing, gentle manner and her evident sense of humor to
everything she does.

Edna was born in Israel and is fluent in Hebrew.

Edna is thrilled to be on this journey and proud to be of service in this industry. She is
determined to continuously support and instill confidence in new parents as you embark on the
loving and life-altering path of parenthood. She looks forward to working with you.