Martina Szarek

In addition to being the Director of Doula Services for BirthFocus, Martina is also a birth doula, a postpartum doula, and a certified lactation counselor.  Before finding birth work, Martina supported women and their families as a women’s crisis counselor, creating a calm and safe space and helping women stay comfortable and in control.  She applies these skills during labor to make birth a peaceful, empowering, and joyous experience.

She draws from a variety of mind-body practices, such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation and massage, to increase comfort during labor and to help women find their inner peace and strength. She has training in massage and acupressure for labor and delivery and will teach moms and their partners coping techniques and comfort measures to ease labor. She has experience with Hypnobirthing in home and hospital settings.  Martina believes that through support and knowledge about the birth process, women have the ability to take control of their experience and that partners have the right to be active participants in birth as part of their journey to parenthood.

She has recently delved even deeper into the world of birth and maternal care by beginning nurse-midwifery coursework. Martina speaks English, Polish, Spanish and basic French and can’t wait to speak with you about your hopes and plans for your birth!

**Martina is also one of BirthFocus’ “placenta ladies” and provides placenta encapsulation services for all clients**