Katharine has been working as a Doula in New York City and Brooklyn since 2008. A certified Kripalu Yoga, The Khalsa Way Pregnancy, and Baby & Me Yoga (Post-Partum) instructor, Katharine most recently taught classes at Realbirth, where she also coordinated Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care classes for clients. In addition, Katharine completed the midwifery assistant workshop at the The Farm with Pamela Hunt and Ina May Gaskin. Katharine has attended births with women of all ages, in various hospitals and homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She has supported clients through a range of birthing methods, including hypnobirthing, water births, homebirths, VBAC’s, medicated births, and scheduled caesareans. Katharine believes that women become empowered when they feel safe and secure in their bodies, finding their voice for expression in all facets of life. As a Doula Katharine strives to support the laboring mother so that she may have the birth that she most desires. Currently, Katharine is a full time Mom, raising her son Julian and working toward becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She speaks Spanish and Portuguese.