Attachment-1Since 2006, as a KRI International certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, I have helped clients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. Utilizing the effects of yogic postures/exercises, meditation, and yogic lifestyle philosophies to maintain physical fitness, mental/emotional balance, and create daily healthy-living and nutritional habits. And since 2010, specializing inĀ  prenatal and postnatal yoga, helping women maintain prenatal fitness, prepare for childbirth, and easing the physical/emotional transitions during the postpartum period. Ever since giving birth to my son, Leonardo, in 2008, I have felt an overwhelming desire to help women, their partners and their babies, have a beautiful and blissful birthing experience. I believe that it is not only up to the mother who is birthing her child, but it is also up to her labor supporters and care providers, who must guide wisely, helping the mother find her inner peace and trust in the wisdom of her body. Birth can be a union with a woman’s own divine creative power…a rite of passage. Supporting families during the entire spectrum of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is my calling and I take great pleasure in all things pregnancy and baby related. Since 2010, I have been supporting NYC families with the many transitions of pregnancy, including prenatal care/fitness, preparation for childbirth and planning for the many life changes postpartum. It is an honor to guide couples during childbirth to facilitate a positive birthing experience and advocate for their preferences with care providers and hospital staff. I love creating a supportive and positive postpartum environment to help build confidence in new parents and encourage them to discover their own particular parenting styles, and guiding them with newborn care techniques. I am a DONA International certified childbirth doula, and DONA International trained postpartum doula, and I will be continuing my professional studies in Midwifery